DIY: Candlesticks and Plates Make Tiered Cake Stand

I love tiered stands because they are elegant and they save table space. An array of stacked vintage plates will dress up any event, from birthdays to bridal showers. This simple process is just a matter of stacking items you may already have in your home.

If you don’t have the proper candlesticks or plates, they can be inexpensively found at your local flea market or second hand store. I’ve arranged little chocolates and fruits on a bed of ivy picked from my garden, but you can use your stand for little tea sandwiches, desserts, or even party favors.





Candlestick holders


Vase or glass for flowers

Museum Putty

Flowers, leaves and berries

Fruit, chocolate, or other party snacks



  1. Choose a short glass or ceramic candlestick holder with a sturdy base, and place museum putty around the top of it. Center a plate on top of that candlestick and press down so it sticks.
  2. Place another candlestick holder on the center of this first tier with museum putty under the base, so it sticks to the plate below.
  3. Stick the putty to the top of this second candlestick holder as done in the first step and add another, slightly smaller plate on top.
  4. For 3 tiers, repeat steps 1 and 2. For two tiers, continue to the next step.
  5. To complete the tiered stand, center a small vase with putty under the base and place on the top.
  6. Fill the vase with flowers and arrange leaves, berries, fruits, and chocolates around the plates.


You can use glass or ceramic kitchenware for this project. Don’t worry if your plates and candlestick holders aren’t part of a matching set! Mix and match items create more charm. Museum Putty, also known as earthquake putty, is an easy to remove sticky putty that you can probably find at your local hope improvement store. When you’re finished using this tiered stand, you can quickly disassemble the pieces for easy washing and storage.