Dena Designs Angel Policy


We at Dena Designs, Inc. are delighted that our fabrics and other licensed products are used by crafters worldwide to express their creativity.  


Dena Designs, Inc. does not object to the use of its licensed products, which incorporate original designs created by Dena Designs, Inc., in the creation and sale of handmade, one of a kind paper and fabric crafts subject to the following limitations. 


Each handcrafted item must be individually handmade, not mass-produced.  Sales of large quantities of handcrafted items, for example, more than 50 items that incorporate any one of Dena Designs, Inc.’s designs in any calendar year, are not permitted.


The designs incorporated in the products may not be photocopied or reproduced by any means mechanical, electronic or digital, except for the limited purpose of advertising the sale of the handcrafted item itself. 


Handcrafted items may be advertised for sale and sold only at community fundraisers, craft fairs, seasonal craft events, or from the crafter’s home or online storefront. 

The DENA™, DENA DESIGNS™ and HAPPI BY DENA™ names, trademarks, and logos, and the names of any company manufacturing Dena Designs, Inc. licensed products may not be used in any manner to advertise or promote the sale of any handcrafted items or in any other way that implies an endorsement by or affiliation with Dena Designs, Inc. 

This Angel Policy may be modified at Dena Designs, Inc.’s discretion.  If you have any questions concerning this Angel Policy, please contact: